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Local Rules


1. When play is conducted in accordance with "Winter Rules" the player may proceed as follows: A
ball lying on the fairway of the hole being played may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club
length no nearer the hole from where it originally lay, so as to preserve as nearly as possible the
stance required to play from the original lie.

2. For reasons of safety, a ball driven on or over Wharf Road* from the first tee MUST be brought back
to the tee-side of the road, and dropped within two club-lengths of where it first crossed the road,
not nearer the hole. Penalty is one stroke.

3. If a vehicle (Temporary Immovable Obstruction) parked on the Wharf Road* intervenes between the
player's ball and the hole, relief may be taken without penalty as follows: (a) the ball may be lifted
and dropped at the nearest point of relief from intervention not nearer the hole, or(b)the ball may
be dropped behind the point where it lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot
on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind that point the ball may be dropped.

3. On hole #5, within 15 yards of the Wharf Road*, indicated by stakes, the ball may be advanced to
the drop zone across the road without penalty, only if relief (a) cannot be taken.

4. If a ball lands in the water hazard of hole#7, the player has the additional option to drop a ball in
the drop zone provided on the green-side of the hazard under penalty of two strokes.
5. A ball coming to rest in an area of a bunker that has not been maintained may be lifted, the bunker
raked, and the ball placed in the estimated spot where it originally lay.
*The Wharf Road is defined by the paved portion of the road.


  • If a player has interference (lie of ball, stance, or area of intended swing) from the driveway, tractor road or Wharf Road*, relief may be taken without penalty. (Rule 24)**
  • Yellow stakes denote water hazards. Red stakes denote lateral water hazards. (Rule 26)**
  • White stakes on holes #4, #5 and telephone poles to the left of #2 indicate boundaries. On hole #6 the inside edge of the Wharf Road* and beyond is “out of bounds”
  • Embedded ball: through the green, a ball embedded in its own pitch mark may be lifted, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.
  • French drains (drains containing crushed rock) and the ditch on the clubhouse side of the Wharf Road* are considered “ground under repair”. Take relief without penalty.( Rule 24)**
  • Fences alongside #2 and #4 greens are immovable obstructions: Relief without penalty.( Rule 24-2)**
  • Ant casts/hills on the greens are considered loose impediments and may be swept aside
  • *The Wharf Road is defined by the “paved” portion of the road.
  • ** See the” USGA Rules of Golf”

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