Independence Day Swatfest

Jim Van Fleet, Sally Crapser and Adrian Jordan took top honors in the annual Independence Day Swatfest held on July 1.  The Swatfest had a special meaning this year, because it took place during a day-long celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the Town of Chebeague.

Other top finishers:  Men:  John Merchant and Bryce Crapser; Women:  Amanda Maskell and Courtney Maskell; Scholastic:  Zach Serrano.



Labor Day Swatfest

Linda Grant and Jim Van Fleet took top honors on Saturday, September 2 in one of the most exciting Swatfests in recent memory.  Van Fleet won the Men's division with a birdie on the par 3 sixth hole.  The excitement wasn't over, though, for the men.  In the playoff for second and third place, Corky Clarke notched a hole-in-one on the club's water hole. Clarke's tee shot landed well above the pin, hesitated for a split second, then started its journey down the slope and into the cup.  Next up was Bob Buxbaum, whose tee shot took a similar path, but brushed the pin on its way past the hole.  Buxbaum sunk his par putt to finish third.  

The Women's Division had its own special excitement.  Following the seventh hole, Joan Dayton and Linda Grant were tied for first and Kathy Maskell and Linda Stephens were tied for third.  Dayton and Grant were still tied after the eighth hole, while Maskell settled the quest for third place with a bogey.  The match for first place was finally settled on the ninth when Grant sunk a nine-foot putt for par.  

Family Day Scramble Tournament

Saturday, July 15, 3:00 p.m.

"I can't remember when we've had so many folks turn out for a Family Scramble," said one club veteran, noting that nearly 60 golfers--young and old--turned out for the annual golf and barbeque event.  Here are the results:

Low gross:  Tom and Quinn Federle, Brian Ash, Shaun Coffey

1st Low Net:  Anne and Jim Gallagher, Theresa and Peter Kaufman

2nd Low Net: Malcolm Rice, Sharon, John and Josh Rent

3rd Low Net:  Chuck Hilly, Kathy, Courtney and Amanda Maskell

Longest Drive Women:  Sally Crapser

Longest Drive Men:  Dylan Doughty

Closest to the Pin, Women:  Ann Trower; Men:  Quinn Federle

Shortest Drive:  Barbie Greppin


Lobster Bake Scramble Tournament

Saturday, August 12, 3:00 p.m.

Fifty-nine golfers--a likely record--turned out for the annual Lobster Bake Scramble on Saturday, August 12.  The spirited and fun competition produced the following results:

Low gross:  Josh Doughty, Dylan Doughty, Zach Doughty, Mike Ross

1st :Low Net:  Ted Houghton, Chris Bogle, Sarah Morse Layng, Daniel Zamrow

2nd Low Net:  Sue Bogle, Warren Bogle, Gail Williams, Jack Williams

3rd Low Net:  Sue Buxbaum, Bob Buxbaum, Zach Serrano, Ramon Serrano

Longest Drive Women:  Maddie Kate Kaufman

Longest Drive Men:  Zach Doughty

Closest to the Pin Women:  Ruth Houghton

Closest to the Pin Men:  Dylan Doughty






Frost Tournament

Crapser, Rice and Ross Take Home End-of-Year Trophies; Proceeds Go To Hurricane Relief

This year's Blanchard/Frost tournament began with sun and warmth and concluded with gray, blustery skies--in other words, a typical Frost Tournament day. The 43 golfers had a great time; and Sally Crapser, Malcolm Rice and Eric Ross secured the prizes.  Crapser won the Vi Houghton Cup. Rice secured the Shekeholt Trophy.  And, Eric Ross won the 18-hole Billy Hill Cup.  Corky Clarke's 69 was the best round of the day.

The Great Chebeague Golf Club was pleased to have raised over $2100 to help the victims of the recent Caribbean hurricanes, joining other island organizations and businesses in using the Columbus Day weekend in this island to island effort.