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(207) 846-9478

Open Friday, May 25 through Monday, October 8, 2018

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Gift Cards

Wondering how to keep the spirit of the Great Chebeague Golf Club alive until the course re-opens in May?  Already running out of Hannukkah gelt and stocking stuffer ideas?  Looking for just the right way to express your devotion on Valentine's Day or to say thanks in the most special way on Mother's Day and Father's Day? The club is pleased to announce that we have the perfect solution to all of these vexing gift challenges--the brand new, technologically-advanced Great Chebeague Golf Club Gift Cards.  They are good for anything from rounds of golf to all of the bespoke merchandise now featured in the clubhouse.  There are two easy easy-as-a-tap-in putt ways to buy them.  You can go to https://squareup.com/gift/28YSJ2BQRY038/order or contact Club Treasurer, Fred Martindale (gcgctreasurer@yahoo.com; 207-846-9478).  Happy Shopping.  


Daily Fees (unlimited play)

Adults (16 and older)    $45

Juniors (15 and younger)    $20
(time restrictions apply; free after 5:00 p.m.)

8 Play Card (good for the season and transferable)    $280

4 Play Card (good for the season and transferable)    $150

New Casco Bay Memberships

Juniors (15 and younger)    $60
Scholastics (16 -- 21)          $100
Over 21                                  $200
Families                                $350
These annual, non-voting memberships are available to golfers who spend no more than one week each season on Chebeague.  The expectation is that most golfers in this category, though, are those who come out to the island a day at a time to golf. 

Guests of Members

Guests must be playing with a member or be a house guest. 
Members must confirm names of house guests prior to play.

Adults    $35

Juniors    $20 (free after 5:00 p.m.)

Guest of Member 10 Play Card
(five year expiration, no limit of numbers purchased)   $300

Guests playing with Member after 5:00 p.m.   $15

Family of Member (15 and younger)     $15

Course Closing for Private Events

Course Closing for Private Event                   $1500

Chebeague Island Year Round Residents

Special Working Island Resident Rate
Island residents who work and live on Chebeague are eligible for a special rate of $90 per calendar month.  The rate entitles the golfer to play all day on Sundays and after 3:00 p.m. on weekdays.  Working Island Resident golfers are also encouraged to come out for Ladies' Days on Monday mornings and Men's Days on Thursday mornings.
Memberships for Island Residents
Year-round Chebeague residents may join the Great Chebeague Golf Club for $250 per year.  These memberships formerly were available only on a two-year trial basis.  This restriction no longer applies, meaning there no longer is a time-limit on these memberships for year-round residents.  
Year Round Island Residents Play for Free after 5:00 p.m. (with annual registration pass)

Other Rules

All golfers must be signed in prior to play.

Greens fees are charged for guests of Members participating in Men’s and Women’s Day events

No greens fees charged for Junior Clinic

Non-Members playing in Swatfests: Adults- $5 Greens Fee, Juniors-No Fee

Non-Members playing in Family or Lobster Bake Scrambles: Adults-$10 Greens Fee, Juniors-No Fee.

Times with priority play

Course is open to all with the understanding that planned groups have priority

Monday mornings until 11:30 through Labor Day (Ladies’ Day)

Thursday mornings until 12 noon through Labor Day (Men’s Day) 

Thursdays between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. through Labor Day (Junior Golf)

Saturday, June 23, 12 noon--6:00 p.m., course closed (Junior Golf Jamboree)

Saturday, July 7 (July 8 rain date), 8:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Swatfest)

Saturday, September 1 (September 2 rain date), 8:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (Swatfest)


Tee Times

The Great Chebeague Golf Club does not use tee times. 
However, large groups should call ahead to check on availability and to alert the clubhouse staff.  

Equipment Rentals

Junior Clubs $7 per day

Motorized Golf Carts
There are a limited number of carts.  Please call the clubhouse to check on availability. 

Member 9 Hole      
$8/per player

Member 18 Hole      
$15/per player

Non-Member 18 Hole     
$20/per player
Carts may be reserved by depositing the cart fee with the clubhouse

Pull Carts        
Free to Members, Non-members $6 per day
(Driver’s license or credit card required as security deposit on rentals) 

Clubs  $12 per day


Beverages and Snacks

Coffee, Bottled Water and Soft Drinks

Energy bars and other snacks


Great Chebeague Golf Club Apparel

Golf Balls and Related Items

Great Chebeague Golf Club Memorabilia

Local Rules 


1.     Preferred lies are allowed on a player’s own fairway as follows:  the ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within one club length, no nearer the hole, from where it originally lay so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play the original ball.

2.     For reasons of safety, a ball driven on or over Wharf Road* from the first tee MUST be brought back to the tee side of the road and dropped within two club-lengths of where it first crossed the road, not nearer the hole.  PENALTY IS ONE STROKE.  

3.     On holes 1, 2, 4 and 5, if a vehicle (Temporary Immovable Obstruction) parked on Wharf Road interferes between the player’s ball and the hole, relief may be taken as follows:  (a) the ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point of relief from the intervention, no nearer the hole; (b) the ball may be dropped behind the point where it lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the point the ball was dropped; or (c) the player may opt to carry and drop the ball over the road in a straight line to the pin, incurring a one-stroke penalty.

4.     On hole #5, within 15 yards of the Wharf Road,* indicated by stakes, the ball may be advanced to the drop zone across the road without penalty, only if relief, as in Rule 3(a), cannot be taken.  

5.     If a ball lands in the water hazard of hole #7, the player has the additional option to drop a ball in the drop zone provided on the green side of the hazard, under the penalty of two strokes.  

6.     A ball coming to rest in an area of a bunker that has not been maintained may be lifted, the bunker raked and the ball placed in the estimated spot where it originally lay.

7.     If a player has interference (lie of ball, stance or area of intended swing) from the driveway, tractor road or gravel areas on paths and Wharf Road shoulder, relief may be taken without penalty. (Rule 24-2)

*The Wharf Road is defined by the paved portion of the road.  


Other Rules


Dress and Deportment Standards

All players are considered to be ladies and gentlemen and are expected to conduct

themselves accordingly.  Club throwing is not tolerated.  Alcoholic beverages are not

allowed on the course. Proper attire is required for the course:  slacks; golf shorts; shirts,

including collarless shirts with sleeves, designed to be outerwear and ladies sleeveless

golf shirts.  Shoes must be worn.  NOT PERMITTED:  swimwear; tennis length shorts or

skirts; jogging shorts; tank tops; cell phones. 

Cart Policy

Personalized motor carts are to be used only by the families who own the cart.  Cart usage

regulations and all direction signs must be followed to minimize damage to the course. 

Cart use may be prohibited in exceptionally wet conditions.  Cart drivers must be 16 years of

age and older.